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Jul 02, 2017



TrapGod and fellow philosopher, Gucci Mane, once said, “If a man doesn’t have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man, can be lost in the sauce.” Quotes resonate differently with different people. They’re kind of like horoscopes. You can make it fit your life if you want to. 

When he spoke the gospel back in 2013, I took it as having personal swag, mannerisms and a distinct demeanor. Although having “the sauce” can be defined as all of those things, it has a new meaning. Well a new meaning for me and it can be for others as well. Just hear me out. 

Being that I’m in my twenties, in college and trying to convince myself that I’m making all the right decision, I have days where I feel like I am inadequate. With unexpected extra time in school and seeing people over social media who are under twenty five & successful, it’s not hard to feel like you’re not doing enough. You end up asking yourself, “Damn, what am I doing wrong?”

It’s easy to feel lost. Lord knows I still feel that way every now and again. I used to feel like what I was doing now wasn’t preparing me for my life twenty years from now. Not to scare anyone but the decisions we make now will forever affect us. I used to think that my problem was the plan I had set for myself. It didn’t seem concrete or realistic enough. I made myself feel like the world was moving around me and I was just standing still. I realized that it’s my life and I do what I want + life and plans only work when you’re willing to be flexible. People try to hold life by the reins and when something happens that they didn’t expect, they lose it. If you go through life getting mad everytime something goes wrong, baby you ain’t gone make it. If you see the cards you’re being dealt as shitty, then that’s what they’ll be. Whatever energy you put into the universe, you’ll receive in return.

Those moments of uncertainty in life should be seen as an intermission. When you go to a show and they have an intermission its usually to give the actors and audience a rest. That break eases the audiences mind, gives them time to process what they saw and get ready for the next half. When you’re lost in the sauce, little do you know, you’re getting a break. The universe has a funny way of making things work out for you. 

Just chill. Things change everyday, B. 

The person who has a backup plan for their backup plan with a plan for that backup plan can get lost within him/herself. Finding it hard to distinguish between what is right for the moment and why they didn’t plan for the unexpected. It’s because you can’t. No matter how hard you try, you can’t. 

The unconventional confused twenty something year old and the one who has it all together are one in the same. So if you’re ever feeling like “WTF is going on”, don’t fret. Allow the universe to guide you to a new space. Don’t gauge your plan/success off of those on social media. They probably lying anyways. The plan you have for yourself doesn’t have to work for anyone but you. Trust the process & just know that if you’re comfortable, you ain’t growing. Blessing to you on your journey. Just remember what Big Guwop said, “If a man doesn’t have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce.” 

PS: Take time and think about how you got to where you are currently. Whether you want to be there or not, think. Maybe you’re lost because the universe is trying to guide you to your passion. Everybody goes through the motions. You are not alone.