Jun 11, 2017



Since late Thursday evening, June 8th, 2017, I have been listening to the sultry sounds of SZA. Her debut album, CTRL, was intended to drop on Friday, June 9th. Instead she surprised all fans(me) with a tweet that led us to listen. While streaming I got hooked on track six, “The Weekend.” Through her airy tone she sang verses of how she’s not the bland work week but instead the spicy weekend. She even insist that any time he’s ready to leave her, she”ll be ready. Although filled with risque lyrics it’s deemed, almost, the best song on the album. And I’ll tell ya, it’s been on repeat for me.

While listening to it I couldn’t help but be reminded of song ”Sideline Ho”’ by recording artist, Monica. I didn’t think of her song because the songs are similar in lyrics because that isn’t at all. It’s just, after listening to SZA’s perspective, I couldn’t help but wonder how the “nine to five” of this situation would feel. So in my head I created a scenario. Considering these songs where made eleven years apart, with SZA in 2017 and Monica in 2006, I decided to place my scenario with them in the same year — 1994.

Imagine a revised, “The Boy is Mine,” Brandy and Monica situation. If the “weekend” paged her lover at ten o’clock on a Saturday night and the “nine to five” paged him at the same time, who would he go to? It’s Saturday so technically this is the allotted time slot for the “weekend”. Although time has been created for her, it’s possible for the man of the situation to just go home instead.  If you take out the superficial aspects that could effect decision making, does either one of the girls get the longer end of the stick? Honestly.

The “weekend” says that she gives him the time of his life every weekend. She says it in a way to assume that “nine to five” couldn’t possibly compare. Simultaneously she brags on the terms and conditions she posses with another womans’ man. “You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend/ Make him lose his mind every weekend/ You take Wednesday, Thursday/ Then just send him my way/ Think I got it covered for the weekend” – SZA.

The “nine to five” for one doesn’t refer to the other woman as the “weekend.” That’s simply sugarcoating the truth. Instead she refers to her as the, “sideline ho.” Ms. Nine to Five implies that she’s only temporary. And while she may be occupying her mans time on the weekend, he’ll always come home. “Ain’t you tired of being on the side line, tired of getting yours after I get mine baby?/ Second place don’t get a prize when you gone realize/ You’re wasting your time baby” – Monica.

So different excerpts have been posted to say what exactly? Some girls could never imagine being the weekend while others could never imagine otherwise. Everything is personal preference. Women act as if it’s impossible to be happy without wanting a white horse and carriage. Others who don’t believe in living a cliche love life look down and label those who do as, “prudes.” The question still remains though. Who would he choose? Would it be the “nine to five,” the woman who comes equip with stability and consistency because she is the designated home turf? Or would it be the “weekend” since she comes with thrill and secrecy because she is the designated vacation spot?

If you ask me it’s a sick night for both women. He was at a bar when they paged him. He’s met another girl to add to his roster; it’s a two way street that leads them all back to the same sleazy man. She’s now number three, better known as, “lunch break.”