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Aug 07, 2017



Maybe I’m in my feelings but I felt the need to write about this. 

At least once a day in some sort of way something doesn’t go as I would like it to. Whether I lose something or spazz on someone for no reason or I think I have four extra dollars on my card, something doesn’t go as planned. By the way, those are actual happenings in my life. Anyhoo, on with my philosophy. 

When things like that happen or situations occur that are out of my control, I just charge it to the game. Now to charge ones situation to the game will require said game charger to chalk it up to experience, let it ride, get over it, and just realize you took that L. 

Just so we’re clear, there’s nothing wrong with taking a “L”. You control your destiny and you can define “L” however you would like. It could be a loss, lesson, leap, leave and anything else you can come up with. I consider every “L” I take as a lesson. After all, don’t they say life is the best teacher? 

For the person who has an issue dwelling on certain situations too long, this can be a strategy to combat that. To say out loud, “Man that sucks, I’ll just charge it to the game” means that you’re making the decision to not dedicate your energy to something that doesn’t deserve it. You’re protecting your aura and that says a lot.

To dwell is a thing of the past. No need to be pressed. We don’t do that anymore. We see it for what it is and what it ain’t. If it ain’t what we thought it would be, we shed a thug tear at the most and charge it to the game. 
Of course there are certain things that don’t line up with this philosophy. If you’re failing and it’s the beginning of the semester, you don’t charge that to the game. You go to your professor and get right. If you’re failing and it’s December 1st and grades are due December 3rd, you might as well charge that to the game playa’. Control what you can and let the universe do the rest. What gets charged all depends on said game charger.

Next time you’re stressing and pulling your hair out and spazzing on people for no reason, ask yourself does it all really matter. All the frustration you harvest at that moment, does it really matter? If the answer is no, charge it to the game. 

Some people may feel as though this method is too harsh or just doesn’t align with their character. Touché. But giving energy to every nail that I break doesn’t align with mine. Find a happy medium and distinctively distinguishe when to start charging. With all that being said, will you be paying people with cash or credit? 

Shoutout to Snapchat for having bitmoji’s + for mine looking just like me and helping me drop these impromptu two cents.